Welcome to the website home of Process Management International (Australia) - PMI.

We have been providing training and consulting in business process improvement and management since 1995.

Our approach is based on the teachings of Dr W Edwards Deming, informed by learnings and developments over the past 30 years.

We seek to engage in a facilitative, transparent and collaborative manner with both clients and partnering consultancies. We aim to provide information and advice that is fit for your purpose.

We try not to make any improbable claims, and we try to keep things as simple as possible and to strip away the buzz words and corporate speak.

This site sets out to offer some PMI insights and comments to give you an indication of whether you feel that we can help you to progress towards your purpose, as a consultant or a consulting partner.

Please note that this website, especially the Process Tools section, is a work in progress. Suggestions welcome for improvements and additions.